Understanding the complexities of providing a multi-faceted approach to develop personal growth and development within a safe, supportive therapeutic environment starts from the ground up. Researching and understanding the regulations, funding and development that goes into opening supportive living options takes more than the brick and mortar. Extensive research, navigating policies and procedures, working with health and family services as well as program development all takes experience and hands on knowledge. Working together we will explore all your options, create plans, negotiate and advocate for appropriate services. With 30 years of program & staff development experience, many of these obstacles can be made stepping stones to brighter tomorrows. 

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  • Family Home

  • Motivational Plans

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Need assistance in all stages of successful event planning? Root Connections can take the stress out of coordinating the fine details. From workshops to large conferences, planned social events to fundraising. With over twenty years of proven success let us take the lead. 

• Convention Coordination

• Conference Planning

• Fundraisers 

• Meeting Facilitation

• Professional Trainings & Presentations 

• Social & Holiday Functions 

A thorough and objective evaluation of current interactions, supports, systems and environment is key to identifying areas affecting personal growth and development. Through assessment, family members, caregivers, and professional providers can gather the necessary information to create outcome goals and objectives. This ensures a nurturing environment conducive to promoting skill development, improving social interactions and increasing productivity. 

Supportive Living Development

Event Planning


Through compassionate support and thoughtful insight, Root Connections develops training, strategies, and approaches which are successful in providing consistency, structure and motivation to participate in daily household routines. In addition, families have found it beneficial to have a trained professional caregiver to provide additional supervision and support during larger family functions, vacations or to assist while the main caregiver takes time away. 

The hurdles associated with advocating for your loved one can be overwhelming and involved. As advocates, Root Connections provides information to the intended party to ensure the child or adult receives appropriate care and support necessary to live a healthy, safe and fulfilling life. 

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• Family Services

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• Leadership & Staff Development

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​• Behavioral Management -     Promoting Successful Strategies

• PWS Medical & Behavioral Overview

• Residential Best Practices

• Parent & Provider Relationship - 
   Avoiding Triangulation


Family Support

Root Connections can assist in the development or reorganization of health and human service entities. From increasing efficiency, improving productivity and creating a positive environment, Root Connections will help facilitate change and enhance company outcomes. 

By identifying the desired outcome goals, training are tailored to achieve a clear set of objectives. Participants are engaged as they receive current information that can be applied directly to their individual circumstances, interactions and environments. With over 25 years of training experience, our trainers utilize humor, past experiences, thought provoking examples, interactive role play activities to strengthen participants knowledge base, develop new concepts and motivate positive change. 

• Organizational Assessment

​• Creating A Positive Work Environment

• Staff & Team Development

• Policies & Procedures

    ​• Operational 

​​     • Human Services

• Marketing & Community Involvement

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